Strengthening Marital Relationship Therapy

The strengthening marital relationship treatment is a
treatment package designed for young couples. It guides couples to understand the distinct needs and wants of each other 

Duration 6 weeks at 2 sessions weekly ( all sessions last 40 mins)


Pre-marital Counseling

The PM treatment is a package for intending couples in preparation for a solid marriage foundation by opening the lines of communication and talking about potential problems couples may encounter in the future based on trends and research.

Duration 6 weeks at 2 sessions weekly ( all sessions last 40 mins)


Couple Therapy

This is a one time session for the married who need to improve communication, intimacy, conflict resolution and other skills needed for a healthy relationship.

Duration 3 sessions, 2 individual session and one couple session ( all sessions last 40 mins)


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a onetime session treatment package for individuals who need personal social therapy to guide them in improving their mental health.



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Coping with Infertility

This is a one-time session for clients dealing with infertility. Clients are equipped with stress coping mechanism and are also guided on how to build a solid marital relationship regardless of the situation.


$44 / N20,500

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Healing and Self Discovery Short Term Therapy

Rediscover yourself and your purpose, and heal from childhood trauma by taking our Healing and Self Discovery Short term therapy. This treatment package has 6 sessions

DURATION 6 weeks


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Phenomenal Wives Club

Are you looking for a community of like-minded women who want to be better wives? Do you need a safe space to unburden and recharge while you go about fulfilling your responsibilities as a wife? Join our community of Phenomenal Wives Club from anywhere you are in the world. Enjoy our conversations and challenges on Spirituality Boosters, Communication skills, Physical Intimacy hacks, and much more


$27 / N12,500


Partnership and Collaboration

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