Meet The Founder

Maryam Hassan Baba

Maryam Hassan Baba is a professional guidance counselor specialized in Strengthening marital relationships. With her expertise in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rogerian Therapy, and Relapse Prevention, she works with couples and couples to build healthy marital relationships.
She also provides mental health services to individuals struggling with stress and anger management, trauma, self-esteem-related issues, family relationship/ infertility issues, and drug dependency among adolescents. She is a motivational speaker who has spoken in various events both physically and virtually advocating for mental health and healthy marital relationships. Her therapeutic style is gentle, nurturing, and client-centered.
Maryam is a member of the Counseling Association of Nigeria (CASSON). During her downtime, she enjoys spending quality time with family and traveling.

About The Northern Therapist

The Northern Therapist is a virtual marriage institution located in Kano Nigeria, our goal is to help couples build healthy marital relationships so they can reach their full potential and contribute their quota to the development of our society. The Northern Therapist seeks to reduce the alarming rate of divorce in our society through its services like Premarital Counseling, Individual Therapy, Strengthening Marital Relationship Therapy, Annual Marriage conference, and a lot more. We have a team of 2 professional therapists trained in Strengthening marital relationships.

My Passion

The high divorce rate in Northern Nigeria has been something of concern to the founder and this encouraged her to specialize in marital therapy in order to guide young couples to build healthy marriages. As a young bride in 2015 the founder found the marriage institution complicated and sorted a professional marriage counselor who understands the northern culture, all searches yielded no result and it was at that instance she started thinking about becoming one. Later she took the Strengthening Families relationship program and the knowledge of the training was applied to her own home which yield great results this encouraged her to share this knowledge with other young couples to enable them to build healthy marital relationships and attain their full potential as individuals. The Northern Therapist through its services will create an enabling environment for couples to have open and honest conversations, learn the skills of negotiation and compromise, and also assist individuals to achieve good health and well-being and gender equality which are in line with the SDG 3 and 5


We compassionately guide young northern Nigerian couples to build healthy marriages and attain their full potentials as individuals by appreciating the uniqueness of each marriage

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Building a healthy marital relationship require specific skills, let’s help you acquire them|

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